• Trading

    At Prochin we specialize in trading, distribution and logistics for specialty dairy ingredients, and dairy and omega-3 ingredients for the Chinese market. We are dedicated to building long-lasting partnerships.
  • Distribution

    As one of the first foreign enterprises setup in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, we have dedicated ourselves to health food ingredients since 1996. Today, we are one of the largest importers of dairy-based specialty ingredients in China.
  • Logistics

    We represent a wide range of global producers (New Zealand, Australia, USA, EU). Over the years, our team has built up an extensive network, including foreign suppliers, Chinese distributors and customers and logistics partners.

Shanghai Prochin

Trading, Distribution and Logistics

At Prochin, our roots are in both China and the Netherlands, dating back to our founding in 1996. As one of the first foreign enterprises setup in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, we specialized in trading speciality dairy and dairy ingredients. Today our core cababilities include trading, distribution and logistics for a broad portfolio of best-in-class speciality dairy and dairy ingredients, EPA/DHA Omega-3 oils and dairy product.


We are a part of to the Alliance Nutrition Group, an international group, with strong roots in China and the Netherlands devoted nutrition and health foods. We are ambitious to extend our substantial market position and contribute to the quality of every day in life.

Alliance Netherlands

We have specialized in trading in specialty dairy and dairy ingredients since 1996. Leveraging our over 20 years of experience in importing dairy, ingredients and other products for the Chinese market, we offer every distribution partner a tailor-made solution. We build on our market knowhow and expertise to develop a considerable market position in a variety of nutritional food product categories.
Our team at Prochin is the designated partner in import and distribution for some of Europe’s most famous UHT Milk brands.

About the Alliance Nutrition Group

An international nutrition group with roots in the Dutch and Chinese business culture

Health is Wealth: We aim to unify our strengths to improve the quality of life and to contribute to a healthier world through best in class food ingredients and consumer health, food and pharma products.

  • We use transparent communication to ensure our partners can efficiently follow the fast-changing market.
  • Uniting our strong track record in the international food and ingredients market with our extensive network and experienced and knowledgeable team, allows us to offer our partners tailor-made turn-key solutions in the Chinese market.
  • Our long-stranding trading roots, originating in China and the Netherlands, are the foundation for the long-lasting, trusted relationships we build with all our stakeholders.