As a part of the Alliance Nutrition Group we believe health is the new wealth. Since our founding in 1996, we are dedicated our business to health food and ingredients through selecting an entrusted network of global partners and suppliers. These relationships we built have been essential to our success and continue to do so.

Driven by a successful cultural blend, rooted in China and the Netherlands, our group activities unite all our partners and stakeholders, internally and externally, as we believe that our successes are build on the trust and transparent relationships we have with all people involved.

Prochin: your trading and distribution partner since 1996

Prochin is a key player in the Chinese nutrition market dedicated to trading dairy and specialty dairy ingredients, and the distribution and logistics expert of high quality dairy products. Our success in build on trust; we are dedicated to building long-lasting partnerships with all our stakeholders.

We have expanded our position in the high growth, value adding segments of dairy and specialty ingredients in China. We leverage on continuously delivering high-quality nutritional ingredients for the use in the nutrition enhanced mainstream food and beverage markets, infant and clinical nutrition and functional nutrition markets.
This has contributed to the expansion of our core capabilities and our market position, while adding value to the quality of every day in life.

Why Choose Us


From the import of 300 containers per month to customs and warehousing solutions, our logistics team has a strong track record. We apply the latest import regulations and transportation requirements.


With nationwide warehousing and distribution solutions, including express services and last-mile delivery (YouSu), we offer a wide range of solutions. We are the preferred partner for some of Europe’s largest UHT milk brands.


We have the licenses and certifications needed to become your trading and distribution partner. We are able to scale through our well-integrated bi-lingual ERP and logistics system (WangDianTong), our allowing us to process 10,000 orders a day.


Our team is experienced in the latest import regulations, product registration and transportation requirements. We offer necessary documentation, regulations and insurances, tailored to each customers’ needs.

Our Alliance

We value the strong, long-standing relationships we build and the alliances we have made since our founding. These are some of the organizations, brands and suppliers that have become entrusted partners of our group.