About Prochin

Prochin was one of the first foreign enterprises setup in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, focused on Food Ingredients. In fact, today, it is one of the largest importers of Dairy-based specialty ingredients in China! Over the years, Prochin has built up an extensive network of foreign suppliers, Chinese customers and logistics partners. It has redefined its strategy a few times over the course of its 20 years of existence, but always focused on its two mainstream business activities: 1) Dairy Products & Ingredients and 2) Nutritional Oils & Fats.


We have a long and reliable history in delivering (Dairy) Ingredients and Dairy (based) Consumer Products. We are committed to carefully select the best products available in the world, while at the same guaranteeing food safety. For more information on the products that we trade, see Products.

Sales & Marketing

Prochin represents a wide range of (leading) foreign producers (New Zealand, Australia, USA, EU). Since 1996, Prochin has built up an extensive sales network in China’s Dairy, Functional and Health Foods industries, as well as a nationwide salesforce with offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

Import & Distribution

Prochin is a fully licensed importer/operator for (Dairy) Ingredients and Dairy (based) Consumer Products. We have 20 years of experience in customs declaration and handling, and a deep knowledge legislation related to functional foods and supplements. We have an extensive network of logistics partners, both within China and overseas. As such, we can offer a […]



Ingredients Prochin has 20+ Years of experience in dealing with a wide range of Specialty Functional Ingredients, allowing us to add value to all stages of a human’s life. Due to our product range, we are able to target a variety of health functions, incl. cardio-vascular, muscles building, bone health, a stronger immune system, and […]

Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods Prochin is specialized in Consumer Products that are beneficial for and add value to the human health. Our Consumer Products are exclusively sourced from leading global brands, and are distributed to the Chinese market through both online and offline channels. Over the course of our 20+ Years existence (see, About Us), we have […]

Partner: Novosana

Novosana Novosana (www.novosana.nl) is a fully dedicated manufacturer of Omega-3 nutritional oils, with over 20 years experience and know-how in China and the international market.