We believe that health is the new wealth. Since our founding in 1996, we dedicated our business to health food and ingredients through selecting an entrusted network of global partners and suppliers. Trust is pivotal in our success; we build long-lasting partnerships with all our stakeholders.

Driven by a successful cultural blend, rooted in China and the Netherlands, our group activities unite all stakeholders. The relationships we built have been essential to our success and continue to do so.

Shanghai Prochin

From distribution to overall solutions, we add value to our clients’ products.

As a leading marketer and distributor in the Chinese nutrition market, we at Prochin are specialised in health and nutritional food ingredients. Our portfolio includes high-quality specialty dairy ingredients, dairy products, functional specialty natural ingredients and omega-3 solutions.

We have expanded our position in the high-growth, value-adding nutritional market, by leveraging on our extensive experience in the dairy and specialty ingredients markets in China. The expansion of our core capabilities allows us to continuously add value to the quality of every day in life.

We do so through continuously delivering best-in-class ingredients for sports nutrition, medical food and other enhanced mainstream food and beverage markets. This includes infant and clinical nutrition and functional nutrition markets.

We believe health is the new wealth.

Prochin Shanghai is part of the Alliance Nutrition Group

Our Focus

We are an expert in health and nutritional ingredients. From the milk from farms in Oceania, Europe, and North America and seeds from fields of Asia, to fish from the boats in the Arctic; we integrate well-known brand ingredients, lead market trends and deliver innovative concepts in China.

Building on our experience, we are experts in sourcing, marketing, logistics, and distribution. We focus on functional nutritional ingredients. Our portfolio includes (specialty) dairy, natural ingredients, as well as omega-3 oil ingredients.

By offering healthy nutritional ingredients through our distinct portfolio, we match the fast-changing market trends and meet demands for both our customers and consumers worldwide. Shanghai Prochin creates tailor-made solutions while adding value for all parties, whether we act as a facilitator or take our positions.


We are an expert marketer in health food ingredients and products. Since our founding in 1996, we advised and assisted our partners with entering the Chinese market.


We offer nationwide warehousing and distribution solutions, including express services and last-mile delivery (YouSu). We can scale through our well-integrated bi-lingual ERP and logistics system (WangDianTong), allowing us to process 10,000 orders a day.

Our experience in Western and Chinese markets are unique. Our supply chain management integrates everything you need to get your products and ingredients available on the Chinese market. Read more about what we can do for you.

Supply Chain

Our logistics team has a strong track record: from the import of approximately three hundred containers per month to expertise in customs and warehousing solutions. Our tailor-made end-to-end supply chain solutions include assistance in necessary documentation, regulations and insurances, and operations such as reporting and governance. We have the licenses and certifications needed to become your trading and distribution partner.


We support our partners with innovative ingredients for functional food markets, sports nutrition and food for special medical purposes. We are an expert in the science of high-quality omega-3 ingredients.
We have an in-house 24/7 customers service team for all consumer brands. Our supply chain team is well-connected and informed of the latest import regulations, product registration and transportation requirements.



Our functional ingredients can play an essential role in general health and functional areas. Learn more about our possibilities.


Our functional ingredients are suitable for different applications and age groups. Learn more about our ingredient applications.

Our Alliances

We value the strong, long-standing relationships we build and the alliances we have made since our founding. These are some of the organizations, brands and suppliers that have become entrusted partners of our group.