Prochin Shanghai welcomes you to FIA2019

Are you ….

  • Looking for quality medicine ingredients for special medical products?
  • Looking for baby immune materials?
  • Planning to start a sports nutrition and weight management product line?
  • Searching for pressure relief for today’s busy office workers and pregnant women?
  • Guilty of upgrading your bone health products?

Attend the FIA 2019 and visit the Prochin Shanghai booth at the National Convention and Exhibition Center!

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We focus on health-food ingredients for health-food customers.

Prochin is a wholly Dutch owned company founded in 1996. We collect the best functional dairy ingredients worldwide. We have the most professional team and sales & marketing experience to offer the best protein solution to our clients in Health Supplement and Food Industry.

Our Products

At the site we provide:

  • High protein zero food
  • Protein solutions, Lactium, CBP, K2 and other functional materials, including:
  1. High quality whey protein (WPC, WPI, HWP), professional protein bar, protein drink solution
  2. Membrane separation of casein, milk protein, professional meal replacement powder, emulsion solution
  3. Lactium® casein hydrolyzed peptide – relieves emotional stress
  4. CBP colostrum basic protein – bone growth and health
  5. MenaQ7® Vitamin K2 – Calcium and Magnesium Solution

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